In the category of new technologies

Gold medal portraying Nikola Tesla for the following:

The mineral - vitamin products based on yeast with the organically
    bonded -minerals
      Authors: Ljubinka Gligić, Branislav Stevović and Nadežda Vujović

Active dynamic MOSFET protection as a starting limiter and
    an electrical switch
      Authors: Ivan Popovic, graduate electrical engineer and
         Vangel Dimanovski, graduate electrical engineer, Skoplje

Silver medal portraying Nikola Tesla for the following::

      Author: Milorad Tafra, Herceg Novi

The range of products and etiquettes for the series
    of milk products SKLAVINIJA
      Author: Prof. Sava Rangelova, graduate engineer of technology, Skopje

The technology for making a day and night cream based on a
    combination of enzymes, vitamins and pro-vitamins
      Authors: Spomenka Golic, graduate pharmacist,
         Prof. Slobodan Petrovic, PhD, and
         Ružica Pavkov, graduate biologist, spec. microbiologist

LIDOCAINE CHLORIDE GEL 2% for application in urology and dentistry
      Authors: Aleksandra Mašic, Dušanka Mrdakovic
         and Tatjana Korac

GALOVICIN - cream for veterinary use
      Authors: Aleksandra Mašic, Mirjana Živković, Stojanka Vidovic,
         and Radmila Josipovic

NUTRASKIN anti-cellulite gell
      Authors: Suzana Miljkovic, Nevena Vidakovic, Mirjana Đuric,
         and Snežana Todorovic

SPIRONOLAKTON tablets 30x100mg.
      Authors: Snežana Brajkovic i Tatjana Korac

Bronze medal portraying Nikola Tesla for the following:

A procedure for getting citrus acid ester in the presence of
    ion exchanging resin
The faculty of technology and metallurgy, Belgrade
      Author: Prof. Jelenka Savkovic - Stevanovic, PhD

The acid-resistant "Plastik" floor and wall panels
Author: Radomir Markovic, Belgrade

The universal hospital bed with an "ANTIBEDSORE" mattress
    for the care of bed-ridden patients
Author: Prof. Dobrica Petric, PhD, Belgrade

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