In the category of inventions

Gold medal portraying Nikola Tesla for the following:

A new diagnostic method for the spectroscopic diagnostics of tuberculosis
      Authors: Prof. Slobodan Petrovic, PhD, and Dr. Milka Avramov

The machine for the four-side processing of half-logs MB-4-02
      Author: Vasa Mačkić, iz Banja Luke

Silver medal portraying Nikola Tesla for the following:

A digital hour comparator - MCTI
      Author: Boris Milijić, iz Beograda

A plastic sheet for greenhouses and similar purposes - FOLITERM
      Author: Zoran Dimitrijevic, Belgrade

VACOSAN - a diagnostic and therapeutic instrument for outpatient,     stationary or home treatment of limb angiopathy
      Author: Prof. Konstantina Trickovic, PhD, Niš

The release outlet valve
      Author: Snježana Rajacic, Belgrade

The eco-vacuum cleaner which filters the air
      Author: Marko Lukic, Banja Luka

Bronze medal portraying Nikola Tesla for the following:

The PC case protector
      Author: Miroslav Jevtic, Belgrade

Thermo siphon tube with in-line built electrical heaters
Author: Dušan Kovacevic, Belgrade

EKO-VARO-SAN ecological briquette for bees made of
    bio-mass and lavender
Authors: Prof.Konstantin Trickovic, PhD, and Mate Zubac

A lead-based nylon packer with the manufacturing technology
    and application
      Author: Dragan Bakrac, Belgrade

A mechanical electro-acoustic protector of the door lock cylinder
      Author: Miladin Nikolic, Belgrade

A wheel for riding on the road, snow, or water
      Author: Nikola Nikolic,
         8th grade pupil of Primary school "PETAR KOCIC, Zemun

The laser marking of the height
      Author: Krsta Nedeljkovic, a pupil of Electromechanical School, Zemun

The electro-static filters
      Author: Miloš Stankovic, a pupil of Electromechanical School, Zemun

A lung-capacity measuring device
      Author: Milan Simic, a pupil of Primary school
         "Cirilo i Metodije", Beograd

The tool for processed object angle clenching
      Authors: Jova Todorovic, graduate engineer, and
         Drljaca Ljubinko, graduate engineer, Banja Luka

      Author: Simeona Georgijeva, B.Sc. in forestry engineering,
         Sveti Nikola, Makedonija

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