Gold plaque

A method for the detection of the damage of laminar thermoplastic     composites by using optical fibres as sensors
      Authors: prof. Radoslav Aleksic, PhD, and Petar Uskokovic,
         from the Faculty of technology and metallurgy, Belgrade,
         Irena Živkovic, from BIA, and Ljiljana Brajovic,
         from the Faculty of civil engeneering

Air rifle
   The new miniature electrohidraulic servo-distributor for flow regulation
      Prva petoletka, Trstenik
      Author: Vučić Života

Automatic filler with processor control
      Authors: Mile Petrovic, PhD,
         and Ivana Petrovic, a student from Belgrade

Magnetic water softener
      Authors: Smiljka i Miloš Todorov iz Sombora

The practical teaching device for biology presenting diversity and
    multiplicity of snail and clam species
      Marika Lisickova, a graduate teacher of biology and
         Anita Moracalijeva, pupil, Bogdanci, Makedonija

The device for bio-mechanical bone examination
      Authors: Milorad Toprek, MSc, Prof. Šušcevic, PhD,
         and Željko Karan, PhD, Banja Luka

A special acknowledgment

Feeders with a dozer for lambs and weaned piglets
        Inventors' club "PKB - TEHNOPATENT"

A wide spectre of hibrid corn sorts
   ZPSC (260, 341, 360, 434, 578,580, 633, 684, 735)
The Corn Institute "ZEMUN POLJE"

The intelligent multi-functional system for trafic control,
    monitoring and safety
Author: Sašo Trpeski, graduate engineer

The universal device for screen printing on convex and flat surfaces
      Author: Duško Stojanovski, Kavadarci

The digital score board
      Authors: Aco Poposki, graduate electrical engineer,
         Prof. Pavel Poposki, Atanas Godžoski, graduate electrical engineer,          Ljupco Maksimoski, graduate electrical engineer, Ohrid

Natural elixirs
Author: Milivoje Ljiljanic, Belgrade


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