XXV Traditional Exhibition "BELGRADE INVENTION 2005", and
                               AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES

Held from 23rd to 27th May 2005 in Belgrade, at the Ethnographic Museum Gallery. The exhibits on the "BELGRADE INVENTION 2005" exibition were awarded as follow:

Grand Prix
In the category of industrial design
In the category of new technologies
In the category of inventions
Gold plaque
A special acknowledgment

Grand Prix:

Three axes parallel kinematic machine LOLA pn 101_4V1
       Authors: prof. dr Miloš Glavonjic, prof. dr Dragan Milutinovic,
          (Faculty of mechanical engineering),
          dr Vladimir Kvrgic,B.Sc.Mech.eng., Zoran Višnjic, B.Sc.Mech.eng.,           Zoran Dimic, B.Sc.El.eng., Nenad Vuckovic, B.Sc.Mech.eng.
          (ILR LOLA Sistem A.D. - Belgrade)

In the category of industrial design

GOLD MEDAL with Nikola Tesla's portrait:

Design of new dashboard for the vehycle for Zastava Florida
      Author: Marko Lukovic, graduate designer
SILVER MEDAL with Nikola Tesla's portrait:

Design of the mobile POS (MPOS) terminal for payment
    through GSM/GPRS network
      DMD HOLDING - Belgrade

Redesign of the front and back sections of the modernized
    Belgrade KT4 YUB tram
      GOŠA F.Š.V. - Smederevska Palanka
      Author: Vladimir Uroševic, graduate designer

BRONZE MEDAL with Nikola Tesla’s portrait:

Puzzle toys kit
      Hungarian assosiation of inventors
      Author: Valetia Hidvegi


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