The exhibition » Invention – Belgrade 2006 «

    In Belgrade was performed 26. and 7. an exhibition organized by inventor and technical improvement association in Belgrade, with the international participation in exhibition of inventions, new technologies, products and industrial design “INVENTION – Belgrade 2006”, from May 26 to June 2, 2006. in The Ethnographic Museum, 13 Studentski trg str, in Belgrade.
    The exhibition was performed in the year of significant jubilees: the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla (1856 – 2006), the 81th anniversary of the existence of invention in Serbia and in Belgrade, and the 50th anniversary of the existence and successful work of the Belgrade Inventor Association.
Opening ceremony of the exhibition was performed on May 29, 2006 at 12h.     The exhibition opened Dr. Andras Vedres, the president of the international inventor organization, IFIA. At that moment, the letter, that president of IFIA handed to all world inventors, was read. A sixteen-minute film under the name “Scientists and artists about Tesla” was presented.

President of IFIA Dr. Andraš Verdeš was opened exibition
"Invention – Belgrade 2006"

President of the Belgrade association of inventors, Mr. Djuro Borak

 By Belgrade Inventor Association’s membership in the International Inventor Organization which consists of 82 countries, the innovations made by inventors from the countries that are members of IFIA, were presented for the first time, and are: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary and Macedonia, whereby the exhibition reached the international character introducing it to exhibition IFIA’s calender.
    Besides the mentioned countries, the inventors from Republic of Srpska Inventor Association were presented (from Banja Luka, Prijedor…) on the exhibition and also from Serbia (from Subotica, Kragujevac, Trstenik…). It was 125 inventions Presented with 170 authors.
    The museum “Nikola Tesla” gave (requested by the organizer of the exhibition) show cases with inventions and panes with texts that speak about Nikola Tesla’s life and work (that are placed on the center of gallery) that praised and solemnized him and marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla, whereby the exhibiton marked this jubilee.
    The stay of the president of IFIA, dr. Andras Vedres, was used for meetengs and talks about expansion and affirmation of invention and bilateral cooperation for improvement of development of the invention program.

The following meetings and discussions were organized:

- In The Belgrade Parliament, on May 30, 2006, a meeting with City Manager Mr. Bojan Stanojevic was organized. In mutual talk, the president of IFIA Dr. A. Vedres proposed that the II Congress of IFIA should be held in Belgrade 2007. Mr. Stanojevic positively responded and emphasized that City of Belgrade stands behind the proposition and proposes to hold the Congress in Sava Centar in Belgrade.

On Wednesday May 31 2006, the meetings:

- In Ministry of Science and Environment Protection of Republic of Serbia, with state secretary Mr. Dragan Povrenovic. Mr. Povrenovic informed the guest of the conditions and problems of invention in Serbia. He informed him that Serbian Parliament recently adopted invention regulations. Implementation of the law has been doing swiftly by formulation of sets of rules that will define in detail regulations of the Law.

City Manager Mr. Bojan Stanojevic received the president of
IFIA Dr. A. Vedres
State secretary Mr. Dragan Povrenovic received the president of IFIA Dr. A. Vedres

    In Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, the president of the Chamber of Commerce Mr. Milan Jankovic received the esteemed guest. During the dialog, the need for cooperation and support for invigorating and expanding of invention was emphasized, not only in Belgrade, in Serbia, but throughout other countries.
    In The Institute for intellectual capital, Serbia & Montenegro, a reception at the Institute’s deputy director Mr. Miodrag Markovic was organised, who informed the guest of working problems of the Institute (decomposition of FRYugoslavia, consequent separation of Montenegro and other factors) that are negatively impacted on development and successful work of the institution. He emphasized that the institution needs equipment for normal work. Mr. Dr. A. Vedres has promised that he’ll , as he’ll go to EU Councel, use an opportunity and suggest to EU Councel Comission to provide for the Institute with new informational equipment.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce mr. Milan Jankovic received the esteemed guest
In The Institute for intellectual capital, Serbia & Montenegro


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