In all mentioned meetings and talks, the president of IFIA Dr. A. Vedres emphasized that the Belgrade Inventor Association with president Mr. Djuro Borak is a successful organization and that further cooperation between IFIA and Belgrade Inventor Association will continue and for that reason he suggested that the next congress of IFIA will be held in Belgrade and that all preparations and organization lead Belgrade Inventor Association. The suggestion of the president IFIA Dr. A Vedres accepted all hosts of the reception with complete support. Simultaneously he invited hosts of the reception: Mr. Bojan Stanojevic, City manager of the City of Belgrade, Dr. Dragan Povrenovic, state secretary, Mr. Milan Jankovic, president of Belgrade Commercial Chamber and Mr. Miodrag Markovic, deputy director of the Institute for intellectual capital, to participate in the international exhibition GENIUS 2006 in Budapest, where they will participate in bilateral discussions and exchange experiences of conditions in invention from many aspects of view.
    The exhibition was followed by the following manifestations, projection of the film “ Well known people about Tesla” and lessons lectured by the following scientists :
- Dr. Milenko Manigodic – The protection of technical products
- Ac. Aleksandar Marincic – Nikola Tesla and the radio technique
- Dr. Vujo Miljevic – Tesla’s transformer with three-phased charge

The presence of the lectures was satisfying.

    All days of exhibitions have been remembered by numerous visitors who showed interest in presented inventions. Discussions that visitors had with authors of the presented inventions, new technologies and industrial design were in relation to possibility of their use and sale. Over 4000 visitors visited the exhibition.
    During the exhibition, the media has significantly contributed to exhibition’s publicity.
    The closing ceremony of the exhibition was announced on June 2, 2006 at 18.00h by award prizes and recognition to authors.
    The jury of the exhibition, reviewing the presented inventions – creatures and discussing with the authors, made decision of awarded prizes and recognition for inventor’s fields of activities, new technologies and industrial design.
    The prizes on » INVENTION BELGRADE 2006 « exhibition which should award on June 2, 2006 at 18.00h in Ethnographic museum in Belgrade.

Awarding GRAND PRIX to inventors of the Institute for corn Zemun Polje
Awarding IFIA - cup with bowl and diploma

Awarding Golding plaque

Awarding a special acknowledgment
Exposed was divers invents

    On the exhibition was presented 120 inventions of three fields of activities and so:
- inventions
- new technologies
- industrial design

The exhibition visited over 3000 visitors and special guests were from 5 countries as well as the president of IFIA.

With kind regards,
Djuro Borak, M.Sc. Mech.eng.


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