Milankovic was also a creator of the tectonics of blocks, which is today applied a lot in geology. He proved that the positions of the continents were totally different in the geological past, meaning that they had definitely been moving. Much later, modern geophysical measurements, including the application of satellites and radio-signals, confirmed his theories. Milutin Milankovic is truly a scientific genius, finally acknowledged as such by the world on December the 10th, 1976 when the "Nature" magazine printed the final results of the 5-year project, whose basic goal was to validate Milankovic's work and to answer the question whether his evaluations were correct or not. After it had been confirmed that the variation of the Earth's orbit was, in fact, the pacemaker of the ice ages, all doubts were dispersed, and our genius became a member of the world's scientific elite.
Milankovic became the subject of intense interest of numerous scientific teams, since his work spanned the problems of several fields of knowledge. The symposium "Milankovic and the climate" was organised in Palisad, USA in 1982, and over 90 most eminent scientists all over the world took part. They all came to the symposium because of the interest they showed in the work of our genius, but also because they wanted to further develop and research the Sun - Earth interaction and all its consequences. There is obviously more to this field of science than meets the eye, since NATO was very interested in the symposium and since it was, in fact, one of its sponsors. In the year 1988 a scientific meeting was held in Perudia, Italy, by the name of "Cyclo-stratigraphy". A new research method was promoted there, based on Milankovic's sunlight cycles, and on detecting colder and hotter cycles of our planet through the study of rhythmic changes of the layers of rock. Regrettably, nowadays there is more interest in Milankovic's work abroad than in his own country. So far no project has been financed in Milankovic's homeland which would have as its subject his cycles of sunlight, although the results of such a project would have had a multidisciplinary significance. The question why Milankovic is so "uninteresting" to his fellow-countrymen, apart from a few enthusiastic individuals, remains so far unanswered. Milankovic is this nation's asset and should finally be acknowledged as such. The European Society of Geophysics has been giving the annual "Milutin Milankovic" medal since 1993, while no such medal has even been considered in our country. That's why the question "Whose is Milankovic, anyway?" seems appropriate. Milankovic died on 12th of December, 1958. His legacy includes a number of textbooks. His textbooks on Cosmic mechanics, which he taught at the Belgrade University from 1909 till he retired in 1955, have been used a lot since. He was a famous rhetorician and stylist, which is why his works, such as "The history of astronomy", "Through the realm of science", "Technical science in ancient times", or "Technical science and science in general through centuries", are probably the most beautiful works of popular science written in Serbian, while he is best known by his novel "Through the Universe and through the centuries". Nowadays everybody considers him the greatest of travellers through space and time. His memoirs "Memories, events and revelations" tell us exactly what Milankovic was like as a man and as a scientist. Nowadays, all you need to do is search for the site named "MILANKOVITCH" at the Internet and the browser will provide you with numerous facts about our great scientist whose achievements match those of Tesla, Pupin, Cvijic, Mika Alas, Pancic, or other scientists world-wide. At the same time, another thing can be noted: no other scientist is so popular with readers as Milankovic, and he is often quoted by others. That's why it is appropriate to say that what Milankovic planted at the end of the second millennium will give fruit in the third.


Author: Vlado Milicevic, Ph.D, geoins@EUnet.yu

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