The twentieth century, the century of great technological innovations, is behind us. Now we find ourselves at the beginning of the twenty-first century, expecting new and great scientific breakthroughs, especially in the fields of various technology developments. The previous forty-six years of the work of the Belgrade Association of Inventors have shown that generations of inventors, innovators, researchers and scientists have continued the tradition of their famous predecessors and left valuable and highly esteemed results as a legacy for future generations.

    Back in 1956 the Organization of Inventors was formed in Belgrade. The following year it grew into the Society of Inventors and later on it became the Belgrade Association of Inventors and Authors of Technical Improvements. The Belgrade Association of Inventors is a part of the Yugoslav Association of Inventors, as well as of the Serbian Association of Inventors. Its work has been based on the same unique strategic principles on which the Organization of Inventors used to work, together with other organisations that have promoted creativity, thus streamlining creative potential into a mass innovation movement. It is hard to make a concise retrospective of the Association's overall results, yet it is necessary to mention at least a few:

    - A coherent organisation has been created, including a large number of inventors, who persevere in developing and enriching this extremely important organisation for everybody involved. A clearly structured organisation has been formed, recognisable for its work, as well as for its activity in developing specific program tasks.
    - In exchange for the work of creative people in different firms, the Association has created huge development potentials, thus providing goods and resources of great importance for this country and this people. A part of these results has been promoted on various inventors' exhibitions organised by the Association. It should be noted that twenty-one exhibitions, which have officially become international since the year 2000, were organized up to date. Hosting more than 3500 exhibitors with over 3000 exhibits the Exhibition has become a traditional event and esteemed not only in Belgrade, but also in the Republic, the Federation and, finally, outside our country.
    - Thanks to the promotion of the inventors and their inventions at this Exhibition, numerous authors have made their presence in other domestic exhibitions, as well as in the established exhibitions world-wide, winning high awards and credits for their efforts, efforts of their associates, their companies and, finally, the promotion of their country. All these achievements would be impossible to obtain without the involvement of many companies, institutes and universities in the activities of the Society. It is almost impossible to measure the contribution of the Belgrade City Assembly, the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology and numerous other organizations and bodies.
    - As integral parts of the Association, various institutions have been created to help the inventors and firms protect their copyright. Over 600 patent applications have been assessed lately, 150 of which have been given patent approval.
    - An important integral part of the Association is the processing of patent approvals, with the aim of helping the new patents into the market. Various projects have been prepared through the bodies, organizations and institutions responsible for their promotion and placement, as well as for their financing and production realization. A database of inventions has been made for potential users, so that they could be informed and, if there was mutual interest, included in the realization of the inventions. There are a large number of entrepreneurs who have based their firms on their innovations and inventions. A large number of inventors have promoted their products with the aid of the Association and the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce both inside the Chamber of Commerce and with the potential users.
    - Very important results have been achieved in the education of the members concerning the overall problems of creating new inventions and their protection. Especially important have been numerous lectures and direct advice, as well as work on legislation problems.

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