To sum up just a part of the results achieved by the versatile work of many inventors under the auspices of the Association of Inventors of Yugoslavia, we could say that a powerful organization has been formed, and that the outstanding inventors inside it are continuing the tradition of their predecessors and ancestors Nikola Tesla and Mihailo Pupin, as well as numerous inventors who have started the inventors' movement in this country, calling themselves "The brain trust". Back in 1938, with the idea of promoting creativity and helping their nation, these inventors invited all the educated and creative people of their country to help in the development of industry of their time.

At present the message of these far-sighted people is still alive - all the creative potentials of this country should be included in the revival and upgrading of production and in creating conditions for a faster development of industry, which should lead to a far better standard of living of our people. We are sure that our inventors will prove to be up to this task, as they have been so far.

The Belgrade Association of Inventors

                                                                 Djuro Borak, M.Sc. in mech.eng.

Important dates in the Association's history:

1883. Our country signs "THE PARIS CONVENTION",
1921. The Law on the Protection of Intellectual Property proclaimed,
1925. The Association of the inventors and scientists "THE BRAIN TRUST"            founded
1937. "THE BRAIN TRUST" appeal to the nation to support the
           innovations with the aim of industrial recovery,
1956. The Belgrade Society of Inventors founded; "The Belgrade           Organization", which in the following years has grown into
          the Belgrade Association of Inventors and Authors of
          Technical Improvements,
1968. The Belgrade Chamber of Commerce established
          The Innovations Award,
1980. The first Exhibition of inventions in Belgrade organized under
           the name of  "THE FIRST OF MAY EXHIBITION OF            INOVATIONS IN BELGRADE",
1986. The Belgrade City Assembly established the Belgrade October Prize,
1996. The Belgrade Association of Inventors became a member of the           Belgrade Chamber of Commerce

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